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GA-STM28 Yeah,Male。Intelligent Counter


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GA-STM28 Yeah,Male。Intelligent Counter

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GA-STM28 Yeah,Male。Intelligent Counter

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Smart Bank Series

GA-STM28 Super Smart Counter uses portrait photography, ID card image scanning and other technologies to identify customers. Bank staff can compare applicants 'information in real time or offline batches to determine whether to accept customers' bank card issuance business. Relieves the pressure of the cabinet face business.
The system also replaced the customer signature by fingerprint collection, and retained the original information data of biometric identification, ensuring the security of the card issuing business application.
Performance characteristics:
1, identification system
Using a unified identification system, including intravenous identification reading and the most common fingerprint identification, second-generation ID cards, bank cards, and IC card face recognition functions.
2, connectable card box
Card box standard can store 150 0.76 mm thick cards, by adding card box up to 300 cards.
3, visual card distance regulator
The visual card distance regulator supports the transmission of multiple cards within the 0.2 mm-2.0 mm range.
4, Super card rate
The special design of the rubbing wheel structure and wearable rubber material ensure a card success rate.
5, smart alert state
Support card pre-empty alert, card empty alert, card failure and other alarm status.
6, pluggable recovery box
Compact removable recovery box that supports up to 25 cards(0.76 mm thick cards).

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