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GA-STM28 Smart Counter


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GA-STM28 Smart Counter

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GA-STM28 Smart Counter

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Smart Bank Series

Product introduction
Smart counters are mainly aimed at individuals 'non-cash services. They use self-service terminals such as audio and video communication technology, second-generation ID card reading technology, face recognition technology, handwriting signature technology, fingerprint recognition technology, and document scanning. On the smart counter, you can achieve the functions of the counter business such as card issuing, U shield issuing, online banking signing, transfer of remittances, investment and financial purchases; It can also expand a series of functions such as payment replenishment, Passbook replenishment, bank card loss, and printing statements.
Performance characteristics
LCD screen
Show remote teller image screen in real time during transaction, provide face-to-face guidance; Play ads in your spare time
Touch LCD screen
Customer business function operating screen, support multi-touch function, with a good operating experience, in line with the future development of paperless bank information into the city
Three and one card reader
The triple-card reader includes non-contact cards, contact cards and magnetic strip card reading functions to help customers complete identity authentication using their bank cards or other media to successfully complete business processing
Prevention of voyeurism
Protective effect on the customer when entering the password through the password keyboard to play a voyeuristic effect, protect the customer's password information security
Embedded Card Scanner
With double-sided scanning card function, can complete double-sided scanning work at one time, and read the ID card information simultaneously, help customers complete the scanning of the card, and successfully complete the business processing
Password keyboard
The password keyboard is an input device for the customer to communicate with the lobby Bill self-service receiver. According to the information provided on the monitor, enter the password, data, etc. to complete the business processing.
Enter customer fingerprints for subsequent business identification. To extract customer fingerprints for verification of customer identity or business processing rights, etc..
Take photos of customers for business processing. Face recognition, customer identification. Take video of faces and record customer usage logs. Invisible information can be used for Anti-Counterfeiting on the full width of the bill(base pattern + two-dimensional code)
Two-sided Card Scanner
Scanning method: feed paper method(automatically entering the card after detecting the document), double-sided scanning; Light source: RGB(LED tricolor light source); Scan resolution: 300 * 300 dpi(optical resolution); Scan speed: color 80mm/s(MAX), grayscale 130mm/s(MAX);
Printer with bar
Printing method: thermal; Width: 80mm; Printing speed up to 170mm/s; Continuous paper printing, automatic cutting paper, providing half-cut / full-cut function;

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