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Smart Bank Series


The basic function of Gooao queue system was improved. At the same time, the customer layered service system is built on it. The customers were subdivided into classes such as personal customer, company customer, normal customer, VIP customer, etc, timely identifying high-quality customers, performing different levels of queuing management, intelligent calling, and providing one-to-one service.

Use wireless connection, plug in the power supply and use it directly;

Building block structure, easy to expand;

Dual frequency hopping, stable and reliable. Gooao queuing system, flexible setting.



● Multi-language call, background music function.

● Direct call, reverse call, designated call, special call, repeat call.

● Transfer, cut-in function.

● Freely edit background image, business type, and ticket format.

● Freely edit the display content format, welcome words, advertisements, announcement content.

● Time limit and quantity limit function, pause and resume issuing number function.

● Out of paper alarm function, power leakage protection.

● Service quality evaluation function, Alarm function if unsatisfied from customer.

● VIP identification feature, VIP arrival notification function.

● Out of paper alarm reminder function, the teller calls the lobby manager function, and the customer calls the lobby manager function.

● Remote network unified management function, remote network unified control function.

● Remote network real-time monitoring function, remote network statistical analysis function.

● External large-screen system functions (such as large-screen TV, large-screen projection, large-screen LED display, video wall, multimedia play system, etc.)

● Multi-tasking, multi-queue and multi-level menu.




415 x 450 x 1525 (L x W x H)


Full steel plate, vertical all-in-one machine, metal paint

Master Control

① Embedded dual processor industrial control host S3S2440+ SM501, 2D embedded accelerated external video card, 64M SDRAM, 64M NAND FLASH.

② Low-power industrial grade motherboard: Seavo SV1-D4 216, DOM disk: 8G, memory: 1*DDR3 2G.


10/100M adaptive network card, voice system, built-in magnetic stripe card reader, built-in IC card contact & non-contact integrated card reader, built-in second-generation ID card reader, power socket, power switch, display box, built-in small speaker, open small host chassis, network / telephone interface, USB interface, RS232 interface, etc.

Operating System

WINCE or Windows XP

Touch Screen

17-inch surface acoustic wave touch screen

Resolution: 4096 x 4096 

Positioning accuracy: 2mm

Response time: <16ms 

It can sense 100G touch force.

Surface hardness: Mohs hardness ≥ 7

Special requirements: dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof, scratch-resistant

Single point touch: ≥ 60 million times. 

The service life is not less than 10 years.

Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 60℃

Ambient humidity: 20% - 85% RH


Scan rate: More than 40 times / sec

Light Source: Visual Laser Diode (VLD)

China CPT 17 inch LCD monitor, placed vertically

Brightness: ≥250cd/m2 Contrast: ≥600:1

Resolution: 1024*768 

Response time: ≤8ms

Viewing angle: ≥160° 

light adaptive function

Comply with CE/FCC safety standards

Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 60℃

Ambient humidity: 20% - 85% RH


Width: 80mm 

Printing speed: 200mm/s

Serial communication / parallel communication 

Paper cutting mode: half cut / full cut

Out of paper, less paper alarm function

Print head life: ≥100km

Tool life: ≥1.5 million times

Power: AC220V 50HZ


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