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GA-ZKFKJ100 Real-Time Card Making And Issuing Machine


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GA-ZKFKJ100 Real-Time Card Making And Issuing Machine

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GA-ZKFKJ100 Real-Time Card Making And Issuing Machine

Product introduction Instant business card printing, card issuing machine is a new type of business card printing card issuing system, fashion, compact structure. Color printing module with resolution 300 dpi, 10 recessed characters. Color printing speed up to 230 hours/hour, monochrome printing speed up to 850 hours/hour. Under the premise of determining printing quality, easy to deal with small batch business card printing and cabinet face sporadic business card printing requirements. Can be completed: contact IC, non-contact IC, magnetic strip encoding, bump type printing, single/double side lithography, hot stamping silver and other functions; Easy to complete business card printing function. Performance characteristics Full support for self-service card issuance needs in sectors such as social security / public security / banking. Provides development packages, including product interface dynamic libraries, presentation routines, and help documents. Modular design, strong scalability. Can realize the customer self-service card. Equipped with full identification. Reduce the pressure on the counter handling staff, divert the cabinet surface business, enhance the customer experience.
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Smart Bank Series


Real-time card making and issuing machine is a new type of smart card issuing system with stylish performance and compact structure. With 300dpi color print module, 10 back concave characters. The color print can speed up to 230 sheet per hour and monochrome print can speed up to 850 sheet per hour. Under the premise of certain printing quality, it can easily handle the needs of small batches of card making and counters’ small amount of card making.

Support Function: contact IC, non-contact IC, magnetic stripe encoding, embossed printing, single / double sided printing, gold and silver foil, etc. Easy to completer card issuing function.



● Support self-service card issuing needs of social security / police / banking.

● Provide development kit, including product interface dynamic library, demo routines and help documentation.

● Modular design, strong scalability.

● Self-service card issuing can be realized.

● Equipped with comprehensive ID authentication.

● Reduce the handling pressure of counter, divert counter business, and enhance customer experience.



Random Sequence Card Issuing Module

Card Boxes Capacity: 1040 pcs 

Card Issuing Box Capacity: 1 ﹥100 (Flat Card)

Card Counting Box Capacity: 1 x 100 (Flat Card)

Recycling Box Capacity: 1 x 50 (Braillet Card)

Speed: Insert Card: 13 sec/pc (average) / Take card: 7.5 sec/pc (average) / Count: 200 pcs/sec (average)

Embossing Module

Support up to 72 characters; support fonts like OCR7B, STANDARD GOT HIC, CVV2.

Printer Module

Type: Datacard SR300 or 300 dpi direct printing printer 

Resolution: 300dpi

Printing method:Dye sublimation and retransfer

Technical advantages: Full-color, over-margin, double-sided card printing.

Gold And Silver Foil Module

Support both gold and silver foil, available to the user's choice.

Wired PressureSensing Electromagnetic Writing Screen

Size: 19" 4:3 TFT LCD 

Resolution: 1280 x 1024

Handwriting Pen

Pressure range: 30G - 500G 

Type: Electromagnetic induction pen

Laser Printer

Width: 80mm 

Printing method: Thermal

Receipt Printer

Width: 80mm 

Printing method: Thermal

Embedded DoubleSided Card Scanner

Method: Electric suction type

Scanning mode: double-sided scanning; front in front out.

Card reading time: ≤ 2 sec

Qualification: Certified and authorized by Ministry of Public Security, providing Chinese public security product certification.

Bar-code Reader

Scan rate: More than 40 times / sec

Light Source: Visual Laser Diode (VLD)

Applicable bar code: UPC-A, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-E, CODE 128, CODE 39, CODE 93, INTERLEAVED 2 OF 5, CODABAR.

Bank Card Reader


Contactless IC Card Reader

Maximum operating distance: 50mm

Read / write time: ≤ 300ms

Electronic Bank Media Issuing Module

Support two kinds of media: U shield, cipher.

Issuing method: Distribute in the order in which the packing box was placed in the media box.

Password Keyboard

Form: Standard EPP hardware encryption keyboard.

Encryption performance: Supports 3DES, DES, MAC, and domestic cryptographic algorithms.

Execution standard: The key and sensitive data will be destructed and destroyed by themselves once it were unpacking. Waterproof, dustproof, riot-proof, support key tone and password anti-peeping security measures.

Qualification: Approved the certification of sales of commercial password products, product metal keyboard certification of commercial password product approved model, and UnionPay certification.

Fingerprint Reader

Algorithm false rate: ≤ 0.0001% 

Rejection rate: ≤ 0.01% 

Login time: ≤ 1 second 

Match time <300mS


Frequency range: 100Hz-16KHz Impedance: ≤2.2kΩ 

Signal to noise ratio: ≥60dB

Sensing distance: 10cm - 100cm

Technical Support

Supporting Services: Provides development kits, including product interface dynamic libraries, demonstration routines, and help documentation.


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