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This product adopts advanced ink anti-counterfeiting technology, and constructs a perfect anti-counterfeiting and circulation management system, which realizes the intelligent processing of the management, anti-counterfeiting, issuance and identification of the heavy air ticket. Simplification of the original heavy air certificate needs to be printed and destroyed by the printing plant, the destruction of the management process; To cancel the management of the bank branch and branch warehouse to the internal heavy and empty certificates; It is effective to enhance the anti-counterfeiting performance of the certificate by increasing the stealth qr code and the background check. Use the universal color laser printer to cooperate with smart cabinet to meet the construction plan of the bank's smart network. 
Performance characteristics: 
Special stealth anti-counterfeiting ink is used to prevent the copying, cloning and tampering of bills 
Invisible to the naked eye, free from electromagnetic interference 
Invisible qr code high density coding, large information capacity 
The hidden qr code has a wide range of coding and supports information encoding such as pictures, sound, text, signature and fingerprint 
The ability of stealth qr code fault tolerance is strong, due to local damage caused by perforation and defacing, it can be read correctly 
The invisible qr code is highly confidential and supports the encryption methods of RSA/DES/ 3DES/encryption machines 
Customizable print template, flexible custom print content, font, font size 
Connect core system, automatic registration, verification 
Note security information can be kept 
Support inline electronic seal system, pure red electronic seal 
Support personalized certificate of deposit and other heavy - air certificates 
It can be used for stealth information security on the full size of negotiable instruments (base print + qr code) 


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