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Different from traditional service robots, robot differentiated GuAo bank access bank operating system, can help customers convenient and quick to deal with open card, deposit and withdrawal, transfer and other business, as well as wealth management products and other complex business consulting and to deal with. 
In addition to being the right-hand man of the lobby manager, the robot has enhanced the efficiency of the bank and brought a new experience of convenience, intelligence and pleasure to customers. At the same time, through the collection and analysis of user data, not only can we make ourselves smarter, but also provide scientific basis for accurate marketing of bank products. 
Realize real intelligent service: 
Based on the in-depth study of the application of financial industry, based on the advanced technology, reasonable economy and flexible starting point, we have designed a new service robot scheme. 
Scheme of the organic combination of traditional banking services and innovation of science and technology: using the modular powertrain design, the system of intelligent control unit, driven by cooperate based on image recognition and voiceprint recognition module and human-computer interaction module, on the basis of deep learning combined with independent and autonomous navigation positioning technology, to provide hospitality services, financial services, consulting and services company. The shape of its Q version, the personification method, the intelligent knowledge management builds the bank and the customer's bridge helps the bank reduce the labor cost, helps the bank financial science and technology service innovation. 
Technical advantages: 
The speech recognition of far-field speech in complex environment, through semantic understanding and speech synthesis output, realize man-machine dialogue; 
Using advanced artificial neural network control and multi-sensor fusion technology, it is effective to realize obstacle avoidance and autonomous path planning. 
The dynamic environment can identify VIP customers quickly and accurately through visual recognition, and then perform corresponding services. 
Visualize the design, display the display of the display, enhance the bank lobby service image; 
Flexible selection: purchase or finance lease. 


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