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Ga-znywzd170 intelligent business terminal, through the intelligent identification of the customer's identity, combines the input mode of screen keyboard and password keyboard to realize self-service inquiry and processing of the business, which brings convenience to customers. The device has interactive and intelligent marketing functions, integrating the external equipment such as card reader, card reader, fingerprint identification, etc.; Can connect with the original core system, one-click service, realize customer self-service, improve service efficiency, enhance customer service experience. Through the screen can more image display products, carry out further marketing, thus grasp the customer's concerns. At the same time, the equipment can be synchronized with the recording equipment, further reducing the risk of business transaction. The intelligent business terminal can be applied to the business scenarios in the self-service interactive environment, such as financial, civil affairs, public security, customs and other industry counter - side interaction and self-service service. Product support secondary development, the application prospect is wide. 
Performance characteristics: 
Internal and external screen interaction: through the dual screen interactive technology, realize the synchronous and switching of the dual display in the terminal and outside, realizing intelligent interactive marketing. 
Control and prevent risks: collect audio and video from the interactive marketing process automatically, supervise the whole process of marketing, control and guard against sales risks. 
Integrated structure: terminal machine adopts embedded architecture, host, double display and USB interface and other commonly used equipment as a whole, at the same time equipped with bank card card, password keyboard, chip card reader, fingerprint recognizer, the second generation id card reader and other external equipment. 


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