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Performance Features:

● The twin-engined turbo blower has large suction and full absorption. The fan vacuums it behind the dust bag, which is more thorough. The design is more reasonable, and the use is safer. It can effectively prevent the dust in the dust bag from being blown out and prevent secondary pollution.

● The unique air curtain airflow design is used to completely isolate the dust from the dust vacuum cover when counting money. It effectively prevents dust from leaking out, which is cleaner and healthier.

● It adopts the integrated design of vacuuming,sterilization and anion air purification. The body is small, beautiful and easy to use.

● A 254nm wavelength ultraviolet lamp is installed on the front of the dust bag for sterilization. The ultraviolet (UV) radiation destroys and changes the DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) structure of the bacteria,so that the bacteria immediately die or cannot reproduce offspring to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Especially 254nm ultraviolet sterilization effect is the best.

● Automatic banknote vacuum, sterilization, and anion air purification are started simultaneously. After the banknote is picked up, the vacuum and sterilization work will be automatically turned off after a delay, to achieve the best thorough vacuuming and sterilizing effect.

● The dust cover is made of PC transparent material.which is not fragile, does not affect monitoring, and is safe and durable.

● The dust collection cover adopts a flip design,which can be adjusted according to the height of different types of currency counters. It is extremely convenient to maintain and clean the currency counters.

● The dust collecting bag adopts high-efficiency special filter cloth. The ash removal rate is 99% , and it can be reused.

● It uses LED display, which has intuitive work instructions and long life.

● The sensor adopts a sliding adjustment design, and it is extremely convenient to adjust the position according to the width of different currency counters.

● There is no need to connect the currency counter. It will not affect the operation of the currency counter. It can be used immediately.

● It's applicable to all types of currency counters, currency counting and binding machines, 1.5-pocket banknote sorting machines.


Technical Background:

● Due to the large scale of domestic cash circulation and the heavy cash handling of financial institutions and enterprises, the currency counter has become an indispensable device. With the development of printing technology, copying technology and electronic scanning technology, the manufacturing level of counterfeit banknotes is getting higher and higher, and the discrimination performance of banknote counters must be continuously improved. At the same time, in order to better distinguish the authenticity of banknotes, the use of banknote counters has become more frequent and more important.

● At present, the currency counter has become an indispensable tool for banks and other financial industries. Using the currency counter to count cash can save a lot of manpower, so that people can have high security when using the currency counter for cash transactions. However, because banknotes carry a large amount of dust and bacteria, when counting banknotes with a currency counter, the dust and bacteria on the banknotes will diffuse into the air. This can cause health damage to people who often work with the currency counter.

● In the existing technology, the dust collecting device cannot be well adapted to the currency counters, while the ordinary currency counter does not have a dust collecting function, which makes the existing dust collecting device not well protect working staff who often use the currency counters.

● Therefore, in response to the requirements and expectations of cash counting staff working in the front line of banks, our company has developed a banknote vacuum cleaner with high efficiency in dust collection, sterilization, and anion multifunction. It is of great practical significance to the staff in the financial industry such as banks.

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