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The automated teller system is a self-service system that replaces bank teller's "manual service" with "self-service service". The system consists of the self-service ticket teller terminal, the c-terminal self-service system, the v-terminal equipment management system and the p-end integrated front system. Is bank branch by the "payment settlement network type" to "marketing service network" is a necessary system transition, and process the banking system, image processing system, the national check image exchange system and other systems of complete smart banking system. Suitable for deployment of smart bank branches, 24-hour unattended Banks and public places with large usage. 
Instrument self-service teller system instead of the front desk clerk handling work, effective control of commercial bank business risk, reduce network operating costs, improve customer experience, is the best experience of commercial Banks intelligent transformation of bank branches. 
Performance characteristics: 
1. Analysis and identification of ultraviolet light characteristics 
2. Identification of infrared optical characteristics 
3. Authentication and identification technology of comprehensive notes 
4. Financial professional OCR recognition technology 
5. Paper layout features recognition technology 
6. Bill information filling in specification recognition technology 
7. Automatic seal technology of physical seal 
8. Provide the overall solution of C/P/V software 


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