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Self-service ticket counter system based on "self service" in place of bank tellers "manual" service toward the self-service system, including self-help paper teller terminals, terminal services system, V C management system, P side front system. Bank branches from the "payment settlement network type" to "marketing service network" transformation, and process the banking system, image processing system, the national check image exchange system and so on complete smart banking solutions. Suitable for use in smart bank branches, 24-hour bank, office buildings and other public places. 
The self-service bill teller system replaces the daily work of the front desk teller, effectively controls the business risk, reduces the operating cost, improves the customer experience, and is the best experience for the transformation of commercial bank branches. 
Performance characteristics: 
1. Analysis and identification of ultraviolet light characteristics 
2. Identification of infrared optical characteristics 
3. Authentication and identification technology of comprehensive notes 
4. Financial professional OCR recognition technology 
5. Paper layout features recognition technology 
6. Bill information filling in specification recognition technology 
7. The A4 format certificate is accepted 
8. Provide the overall solution of C/P/V software 


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