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JBY D GA800(B)

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JBY D GA800(B)

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E-Finance Series

Performance characteristics
This machine adopts high-speed, high-performance 32-bit ARM chip detection and control, and uses a highly sensitive infrared detection system(IRDS), a penetrating detector, and a magnetic detection system(MR) to conduct a comprehensive detection of RMB. Has(fluorescence feature discrimination analysis technology, safety line feature magnetic analysis identification technology, magnetic feature qualitative discrimination technology, ultraviolet optical feature analysis identification technology, infrared optical feature analysis identification technology five-fold discrimination function), Can identify paper currency magnetic ink, security lines, watermark area, paper and format. Can be fully compatible with the detection of old and new RMB.
The magnetic detector has wide detection range, strong detection performance and high reliability and stability. The model of the machine is beautiful, the design concept is advanced, and the detection technology is advanced. Using this machine will be a reliable and effective tool for you to identify and falsify RMB.
Technical advantages
Super Pseudo(Fluorescence, Safety Line, Magnetic Characteristics, Ultraviolet Optics, Infrared Optics, Magnets)
Characteristic identification), domestic lead
Smart face recognition
Intelligent, divide, mix, count, add, preset and other working modes are free to choose
Automatic stop, zero clearance, fault self-inspection and other functional configurations
External synchronous display technology(display number, denomination, fault alarm, character superposition information, etc..)
External display equipment free selection(digital small external, digital external, liquid crystal external,
Character stacker).
Sensitivity panel display, adjustment

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