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GA-QFJ 3201 Banknote Sorter


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GA-QFJ 3201 Banknote Sorter

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GA-QFJ 3201 Banknote Sorter

Using the world's leading image processing technology, the old and new versions of the RMB were divided into new and old currency, and the circulation currency was sorted out as ATM banknotes. The damaged currency was recovered in a timely manner, 500 banknotes were entered, 200 were issued, and 1 was returned. There are 150 banknotes, and the counting speed is ≥ 900 / minute
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Smart Sorting Machines


● It adopts the world's leading image processing technology, fuzzy intelligent control technology and precision machinery manufacturing technology, which makes sort and count accurate and reliable.

● It adopts user-friendly intelligent design, dual liquid crystal display, which is easy to operate.

● It has a variety of counting functions. The working mode can be selected based on the actual needs. 

● It adopts the counterfeit detecting technology such as metal thread, magnetic ink, magnetic code and others. It can give an alarm upon the counterfeit banknotes. 

● Easy upgrade. Dual CPU modular structure is used for identification and control system, which makes product upgrade convenient and quick.

● Easy maintenance. 

● High efficiency. 54,000 pieces of banknotes can be handled each hour and its speed is increased by 25%.

● There is a special mode for filling ATM banknotes, which is convenient, quick, accurate and efficient.

● It has banknote serial number printing function, which is convenient to record the banknote information.

● Its size (416L*314W*370H) is 37% smaller than the previous machine with the same function, which takes up small space. Its weight is lower. With compact structure and powerful function, it can be widely used in the teller, sorting center and other places.

● The hopper position is low (around 280mm high), which makes it difficult to get tired even after working for a long time, and it is easy to operate.



The machine adopts high-speed CIS, DSP and controller for sampling. Its counterfeit detection function includes image, UV, metal thread, IR, penetration, spectrum and brand new digital image technology, etc. which are fully compatible with the old version of CNY. It can do sorting, version, orientation and counting. Banknotes with damage, hole, graffiti, grease, tape and the like can be detected. When it is turned on, the machine can do self-checking and display error code. There are features such as convenient operation mode, advanced design concept and digital technology, delicate appearance, excellent sorting/counterfeit detecting/counting capability, powerful function and personalized choice, which can be your capable assistant.



Available Currency

old and new version of RMB and can be upgraded to multi-currency

Counterfeit Detecting Method

UV/magnetic ink/metal thread/IR/penetration/spectrum

Sorting Speed

more than 900pcs/min

Number of Pocket

4pcs (1 hopper, 2 stackers, 1 reject pocket)

Pocket Capacity

hopper: 500pcs; stacker: 200pcs; reject pocket: 150pcs

Scanning Recognition Technology

Gray scale of image: 256 level

Optional definition: 200dpi

Artificial neural network image recognition technology

Display Feature

digital display with high brightness

8' LCD with high resolution 1280*800

multi-point capacitive touch

Animation displays the error position and text shows the resolution.

Technical Feature

detect banknotes with damage, hole, dog-ear, graffiti, grease, tape

detect altered or composite banknote

When it is turned on, the machine can do self-checking and display error code.

fitness/version/orientation sorting

Sorting sensitivity can be adjusted and stored automatically.

serial number recognition printing function

Factory settings can be restored.


The program can be upgrade online or by U-disk.

PC Interface

USB2.0; RS-232 port; ethernet interface

Power Supply




Rising Temperature




Appearance Dimension





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