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GA-CRS-0805 L access machine


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GA-CRS-0805 L access machine

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GA-CRS-0805 L access machine

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Smart Bank Series

Provide the best security solution for Gu Yu ATM:
Ensure management security
You can use the "crown" data of banknotes, record transaction details, and administrator operation logs to identify, record, save, and track the crown information, and save it for not less than 3 months(configurable).
Ensure safety and security
It can detect foreign body installation, prevent peeping, prevent the theft of card information, obtain and save facial and hand operation images, etc. to ensure the security of information transmission.
Using three kinds of certified stainless steel encryption keyboards: PCI, UnionPay and Comet
Advanced IT technology to increase reliability
The new high-precision BANKNOTE recognition module and BANKNOTE processing module independently developed by Gu Ao can improve the ability to transmit folded banknotes and adapt to the environment.
Strong electronic log function(log, image, statistics, etc.).
Banknote high discrimination rate and low BANKNOTE rate, can set up the deposit and withdrawal BANKNOTE identification function.
Conveniently operate the administrator
Large amount of paper money, vouchers, etc..
You don't have to pull out the entire BANKNOTE module to change the box.
The machine maintains LED automatic lighting inside, and the operating panel LED light can be automatically turned on and off according to the brightness of the environment. It is more Humanized and embodies the concept of low-carbon environmental protection.
Friendly customer interface
It is equipped with a high-precision, high-brightness 15-inch color LCD screen, touch screen, functional keys, and support for a variety of input methods.
Through a variety of text, voice prompts, scrolling subtitles, etc..
Adopt 10 miles touch screen background maintenance terminal, operation is intuitive and convenient.
Provide flexibility
Support CEN/XFS, EMV, PBOC 3.0 and other standards, based on WEB technology scalability software structure.
Flexible toggle between four applications: circular / non-circular / deposit/withdrawal.
Two-way selection of 220V 110V voltage.
Committed to environmental protection
Meet the RoHS standard
Certified by EMV and PBOC
Pass 3C Certification

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