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GA-CCJ2101 BANKNOTE storage machine


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GA-CCJ2101 BANKNOTE storage machine

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GA-CCJ2101 BANKNOTE storage machine

Full name GA-CCJ2101 BANKNOTE storage machine. High-speed cash deposit equipment to support continuous and uninterrupted deposit of banknotes; With the functions of authenticity identification, denomination clearing, banknote serial number tracking, etc., it is suitable for the application scene with large denominations of cash receipts; Timely accounting can be achieved to help the bank to arrange the time of the deposit and reduce the cost of the deposit. Products can be widely used in places that need to store large amounts of cash, such as: banks, wholesale markets, hospitals, gas stations, large businesses, large enterprises, and communities. Performance: Real-time recording of deposits and reconciliation of cash receipts through networking with core banking systems
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Smart Bank Series


Banknote Deposit Machine, type GA-CCJ2101, is a high-speed cash deposit equipment which supports uninterrupted working. It has functions such as identification, denomination sorting, serial number tracking, etc., is suitable for situation which need large denominations, and record in account in time which helps banks arrange escort time reasonably and reduce costs.

The product can be widely used in places requiring large amount of cash, such as bank, wholesale market, hospital, gas station, plaza, large enterprise, community, etc.


Performance Features:

● Through network of the bank's core business system to complete functions like automatic deposit in time, cash collection, account reconciliation, etc.

● To achieve a series of functions, such as monitor management, query recording, equipment control, report analysis, system management, etc.

● The self-service cash handling equipment combines counting, identification, sorting and deposit that reduces probability of counting errors, accelerates cash handling speed and improves working efficiency.

● The cash business automation strengthens cash management security and improves operational efficiency of network's funds.

● It completes cash statistics automatically, masters the cash amount and statistics of the machine, and can recognize serial number, query and export transaction and serial number information.

● It equips with a specific safe of financial terminal, provides nightly storage function of petty cash, and connects with banking system that is more convenient and faster.



Standard Configuration

Safe, sorter, receipt printing module, smart card reader and monitor


8 inches

Optional Module

Fingerprint recognition module, non-contact magcard sensing module and UPS


As your requirement


150 Kg

Appearance Dimension

532mm*500mm* 1080mm


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