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GA-TCR0205FC Split Teller Machine


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GA-TCR0205FC Split Teller Machine

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GA-TCR0205FC Split Teller Machine

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Smart Bank Series

Product Introduction:

GA-TCR0205 FC split teller machine is a cash recycling teller machine, which is specifically designed according to the current situation of banks. The device can process multiple currencies. It is safe and convenient, and can be used with the TCR cashier console.


Performance Features:

● It has these functions: deposit, withdraw, add banknotes, recycle, count,sort and detect thecounterfeit.

● It supports the function of recycling cassettes, which can enable 5 denominations to circulate at the same time.

● The banknote rejection rate is less than 5% when the banknotes meet the standards of the People's Bank of China.

● There is a gate at the deposit and withdrawal part. It's optional. The gate has anti-pinch function.

● It's equipped with the envelope mandatory deposit function. The teller is authorized to operate to solve the problem of mutilated banknotes and change.

● It supports deposit count.

● It supports deposit cancelation.

● It has the cassette count function.

● It has the quick deposit and fast banknote adding function. The banknotes can be continuously put into hopper while the device is not stopped, so that continuous adding banknotes can be counted, which greatly reduces the operation time of the device and speeds up the efficiency of deposit and adding banknotes.

● Counting function: The unique counting function can replace the existing banknote counting machine at the counter. Bank tellers can implement the counting function without logging in to the system.

● It can exchange for change.

● There is a gate at the deposit and withdrawal part. It's optional. The gate has anti-pinch function.

● Maintenance mode: front or back maintenance.


Product Advantages:

● It has below advantages: large amount, high speed and multi-currency for deposit and withdrawal.

● It has diversified business modes.

● It can improve human efficiency, average efficiency, and reduce the number of tellers.

● It lowers cash management risks and costs.


Technical Parameters:


1028*460*956 (mm)




Hopper: 300pcs

Stacker: 100pcs

3 cassettes: about 2700pcs/each (recycling)

1 cassette with upper and lower part: 1100pcs for upper part & 700pcs (recycling) 

1 recall cassette: about 2700pcs (deposit only)

Temporary stacker(Escrow): about 200pcs

Movement Power

Conforming to EU ROHS Directive 2011/65/EU

UL Safe

UL 291 certified safe 

In line with international GB/T 18789-2002

Serial Number Recognition

Full banknote tracking function


Deposit: 10pcs/sec

Withdrawal: 10pcs/sec

Power Supply

Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

At work: 700VA

At standby: 200VA


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