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GA-QZ8000EG Banknote Sorting and Binding Machine

案例名称GA-QZ8000EG Banknote Sorting and Binding Machine



Fitness Sorting: The function is stable and reliable for recycling damaged notes and sorting out those notes in circulation and distributing ATM notes. The old & new level is adjustable as you need. Improve work efficiency.
Denomination Sorting: Banknotes of different denominations will come out from corresponding stacker without manual intervention. Fast and quick.
Orientation Sorting: Banknotes of different orientations will be arranged in the same direction after sorting.
Version Sorting: Banknotes of different versions will come out from different stackers after sorting.
Mix Sorting: The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th binding bucket can be adjusted freely to receive normal and abnormal notes.
Serial Number Recording: Save serial number and image in real time.
Automatic Binding: Binding function of ATM note and fit note.
Superior Identification Technology: Adopt FPGA image processing technique. The handling of counterfeit notes and the effect of sorting are more superior than counterparts. The FPGA image processing technique obtains invention patent.
Advanced Mechanical Structure: Reject damaged and suspicious notes in the earliest time. Solve the note jam problem of traditional sorting machine. Improve work efficiency greatly.
Support Network Blacklist Command: Add banknote blacklist by software and improve network warning function.
Automatic Binding of ATM Note / Fit Note: The binding position can be set in the 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 of the bundle. The bundle will come out from stacker automatically.


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