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Will smart counters replace bankers?


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Will smart counters replace bankers?

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  • Time of issue:2017-11-09 19:56
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摘要:LangLangwhenLidiLangLangwhenLidi!   Bamboosuchahit,theotherwedonotboastIntelligentcounterthatboastaboastgreatlakes! Talkingaboutthebank,themodelischangingIntelligentself-help,mobiledevicesflushforward

Will smart counters replace bankers?

摘要:LangLangwhenLidiLangLangwhenLidi!   Bamboosuchahit,theotherwedonotboastIntelligentcounterthatboastaboastgreatlakes! Talkingaboutthebank,themodelischangingIntelligentself-help,mobiledevicesflushforward

  • Categories:Product news
  • Author:
  • Origin:
  • Time of issue:2017-11-09 19:56
  • Views:0
Lang Lang when Li di
Lang Lang when Li di!
Bamboo such a hit, the other we do not boast
Intelligent counter that boast a boast great lakes!
Talking about the bank, the model is changing
Intelligent self-help, mobile devices flush forward
To say self-help equipment, an intelligent counter
The leader of the industry is the Shanghai ancient champion!
Lang Lang when Li di
Lang Lang when Li di!


A "ancient Ao intelligent counter" plate is given to everyone
In this small series of xianchou.
In the service scenario of a traditional financial institution
The types of business handled by banks are becoming more and more diverse and increasingly complex
The counter business process to fill a single, multi signature, complicated process
Customers to transact business, can only wait for the first.
Long waiting makes it difficult for customers to be satisfied with the service provided by the bank
But in today's era of artificial intelligence applications
Many banks pass the smart counter and other new smart finance "black technology"
Effectively improve the customer's business speed
It has also greatly improved customer satisfaction with financial institutions.
Realize "site site guidance, customer self-service initiated transaction"





1、Where is the intelligence of an intelligent bank?


The intelligent counter is replaced by "self-service"
The self-service system of intelligent teller for the "manual service" of the bank teller
Customer local self-help, lobby manager guidance and remote seat audit
Operation, audit, and other applications in a remote terminal
The operation of the counter at the counter instead of the ordinary teller
The use and use of the intelligent counter
To ease the pressure for counter business
Realizing the transformation of the teller to the marketing and helping the development of the big retail business



Standard Edition
Integrated version: combined with print, card, UKEY and other modules
Intelligent boot table

Support personalized customization





2、What services are supported?


Business cards, electronic banking, transfer service, business inquiries, credit card business;


Foreign exchange business:

Personal purchase of foreign exchange, individual foreign exchange, individual foreign exchange trading and remittance of remittance;


Financial business:

Financial products, financial products signed subscription, redemption of financial products, customer risk assessment, financial products, double Feng revocation sub account turn demand, deposit gold through signing, signing, signing smart Zhang Feng Li


Fund business:

The fund contract, fund TA account contract, purchase, redemption, fund fund fund fund investment contract, revocation, modification and termination of the fund investment fund investment;


Special business:

Card replacement, missing card, account solution, ID card service, account unlock, password reset, password modification, small written loss, oral loss, debit card activation, double fee deduction and registration, double fee deduction and deletion.



Branch features:

On behalf of the payment of the payment of the contract, the joint credit card application, the disbursement of the payment of the payment, the transfer of the same city, the registration information of the electronic bank;
In addition to a series of other services, in addition to this

Gayao will provide a complete solution to the Bank of wisdom for the bank!






3、Artificial intelligence roller compacting manual?

The daily acceptance of each intelligent counter is more than 70.
The efficiency of service is obviously improved.
- including personal online banking, a linkage handheld mobile phone bank, K code and other 6 services
It only takes about 3 minutes and 45 seconds to reduce the time from the original 20 minutes to the present.
The management efficiency of financial business is 4 to 7 times higher than that in the manual counter.



Performance characteristics

4、Performance characteristics of intelligent counter?


1, electromagnetic handwritten LCD screen
2, electromagnetism stylus
3. Non-contact IC card reader
4. A video camera and a panoramic camera
5, password keyboard
6. Fingerprint identifier
The way of full channel fusion under the line and line
Achieve light operation and customer experience promotion
Improving the handling efficiency of non cash business of individual customers
And network service efficiency and reduce operation cost
We strive to build an intelligent "non queuing network".



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